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Aim of School

The school was embarked with the intention to educate the students of rural area, to make them competent and confident in their life. Steelmans Public School aspires the village students to adopt different cultures, understand foreign language and decorum in order to be the better human being of the world. It is the first C.B.S.E affiliated school in 15kms of area near Channo.

Steelmans Public School is subdivided into two wings i.e.

  1. Steelmans Elementary Wing – This wing include the Prep and UKG classes. This wing assign with the Cute, Loving and Jovial tiny tots.
  2. Steelmans Public School – This wing include the classes from 1st to 10th Class.
Sangrur Road, Channo, District Sangrur

Tel: 0167-2274793
Email : info@steelmansschool.com

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